About us

Association of Maramureș Entrepreneurs, an organization formed exclusively from commercial companies with private capital representing the Maramureş region, was established to support the economic and social development of the county at local, regional, national, and international level.

The members of the Association of Maramureș Entrepreneurs (AIM) are and can only be commercial companies with headquarters in Maramureș county and with a good commercial reputation. (The way of acquiring membership is detailed in the MEMBERS section.)

AIM is, first of all, an end in itself: the demonstration that Romanian businesses can collaborate; in group even. (It is relevant that there are many competing businesses, and yet the constructive dialogue prevails.) Once achieved, this goal generates economic progress: trust between business partners. And from here, there is only one step towards transforming the former competitor in a collaborator and the former unknown in a client or supplier. We try to support and even grow our neighbor’s goat, as a matter of speaking.

Based on a multi-annual activity program, AIM is involved in the economic, educational, cultural, social plans from our area and beyond.

We believe that public authorities and institutions are indispensable partners.

Also, our most important preoccupations for the benefit of our members and the business environment are the quantitative and qualitative assurance of the human resources necessary for economic activities, increasing the competitiveness of the Romanian capital compared with the foreign one, as well as expanding the loyal competition climate.

AIM is member with and vice-president of the National Union of Romanian Employers (UNPR), a representative and effervescent national employers' organization through which we promote and benefit from initiatives, information and networking at the national and international level.

The Regulation of AIM (founded by 31 companies, registered in the Special Register of Associations and Foundations with the number 25/29.05.2018) can be found here.

The main objectives of the Association of Maramureș Entrepreneurs:

  • Sustainable development of partnerships between all economic and social actors.
  • Facilitating the interaction of the economic and social environment of Maramureş County with similar national and international environments.
  • Ensuring a climate of honest economic competitiveness.
  • Supporting entrepreneurial and professional education, as well as supporting social and educational initiatives of entrepreneurs.
  • Developing a viable social infrastructure.
  • Stimulating the correlation of demographic dynamics with the needs of the labor market, as well as encouraging solutions that ensure effective human resources in line with the needs of this market.
  • Ensuring a balance within the territory of Maramureş County between the local and foreign capital, as well as encouraging the collaboration between them and the exchange of know-how.
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